I’m Back…Disney! Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

Medals and a kind note from Disney’s Boardwalk Inn management to the runners


My return to running bliss had many pitfalls along the way. Despite my previous passion for running, my lifestyle got very busy with many other endeavors. Most of which were not good for my body. Sitting is not helpful to your physical fitness. I learned this by doing it.

I feel as if I let myself down, but I knew there was a way out. I have climbed out of this pit before and I have won the battle.

In the last year, I was very ill and sedentary. Previously, when this’s occurred, I was much younger and more motivated. I decided the way to motivate myself was to get back on the trail and do a Disney race.  Disney has a way to motivate you.

I have been plagued by fatigue, poor health and apathy. All easy to overcome if you are focused and have the right assistance. I credit my friends and family for getting me through  all of my nonsense. Health first. I have incurred many bills from my operation. That issue has passed and I am healthy. My life was uprooted only temporarily.

But enough about me…back to my running. (Ten-second pity party over!) It got a big boost this weekend when I went to the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon.

Now, this is not my first half marathon, but the winter was such that training sucked. Snow, ice, cold, spring day, back to Winter that was too much for me.

I finally got my time on the road for the Virtual Series. This made it worth while. I trained and then the week of the race came.

I did forget one factor, Florida weather is humid. I am not good with humidity. It was miserable, but it was better than last year, where I passed out at the finish line. Drama!

On race day, over 20,000 of us ran the course down in a 20 wave start. My husband and I finally made it in, just in time to hobble over to our medals. The only saving grace is that there were many people behind me.

It was said that there are “balloon ladies” that come around and sweep the crowd, we did not see one. So my mission was successful.

We passed the Parade Bus that they had on the sides of the road for runners in distress. As I ran by them and waved, I felt a sense of relief. This year, I am back to running.

See you on the roads!

Fabulous RunDisney Swag!

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