Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon Race Recap

My flight to Los Angeles was totally packed. We were sardines all going to the same destination. Our Super Shuttle to Anaheim was difficult to confirm as usual. But this did not stop me from having a great time at the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon.

We had cool weather, in the upper 40’s for the races, but it warmed up to the upper 60’s / lower 70’s during the day. It was beautiful running weather.

The packet pickup at the Expo was not very crowded as we went a little after it opened. People seemed to come in waves. The one place that was totally insane was the merchandise area. They even sold merchandise at the start (I wondered how yo could carry it). Surreal. This race was a big Star Wars swag race.


The race started off cool at about 47 degrees. We waited a long time to start, as I we were in corral “I”. This start was prolonged by a lot of activity and many racers, which made it somewhat of a  late start.

The course was pleasant and new to me as I usually run the Disneyland Half, which runs through the stadium. There were many quirky signs from the residents and cheer squad. More than usual, which made the run fun. I loved the may bands and Of course the Star Wars themed parts of the course.

The characters were out and entertaining as we ran through the Theme Park. There was the John Williams score playing through out the course and snippets from the movies on the force, which seemed appropriate by mile 10.

I was warned by a few friends that there would be Star Wars characters from many of the fan groups in the area. Yay! My people! They came out in force and we were thrilled to see them. But the Biggest thrill came when we turned back on the road to the Resort area. We knew were almost done.

Through all of this I got the result I needed.


It warmed up nicely by the end of the race and we had a great time. This is a race I would do again.

Keep running! 2017 will be a great running year.


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