Beginning The Journey…Again!

Well, I have been thinking a long time about my blog. As, I sit at home convalescing with tonsillitis, I feel a need to plan my recovery. Lately, I have gone back to feeling like the Goodyear Blimp or maybe just a parade float, but I know this is only temporary. Weight is temporary. I feel l can conquer that dragon and get back to my normal self.

This year will be strange. I ran (kinda) a half marathon in January. I will run another half marathon in April. Then, I signed up to run for a charity, for the TCS NYC Marathon (more on that later).

I have been trying to restart my life again. My mind body and spirit approach to weight loss usually works, but this year I’m going to add some science. Green tea and other substances help with digestion and weight  loss.

I may do some writing therapy, it’s cheaper than regular therapy and may feel better.  Therapy is painful (mentally) and drawn out. I’m not sure why.

Just starting my exercise routine will be a real achievement. An object in motion stays in motion.  I have been at rest.  I want to get myself back in shape, body mind and spirit.

My fantastic meditation time in the morning and in the evening is working well. I had a intense week. I heard of the death of one relative and the possible demise of another. It seems to be a sign of the times. People are leaving like they have an Amtrak ticket.

The year 2016 was both good and horrible. My hope for the future in my running is that I gain enough of my old spark back that I can keep myself interested in the run. I recently found out that a friend of mine, who was a premier runner and competitor has stopped running. I’m not sure  if you are suppose to stop. I always feel like running, but it is getting more difficult each year to do races. This is a learning experience. I have to adapt and fight at the same time to keep myself in the game. A cool but dangerous tightrope I walk just to do my half marathons. I may have to make it 10ks soon. I’m not sure I want to just run 10Ks. I will have to keep enjoying my half marathons.

There are so many people who run now that it is not rare like it used to be when I first started. It was a special club that only a few did. When you got older, you were even more rare. You may be deemed special because there are so few of you. Not now. Everyone wants to run. Notonly that but people can start at 60 or later and be good at it. I guess I missed the boat. Timing is everything.

So I  start my Spring Training again. Watch out world!




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