To Fundraise or Raise Funds, What’s the Difference?

TCS NYC Marathon bound!

 After my short lived bout of insanity, I signed up for the NYC Marathon, after the lottery results said I was not accepted. I decided to run for a charity. Yes. I did it.                                                                                      


Normally, I would not even consider doing charity on my own. I do feel like I have more support. Right now, as I feel that I can count on a larger number of donations, as I know more people.

Fundraising, or asking for funding for a cause is generally something that I love to do. I love to do that with my fan costuming group.

Here is my thought process, however wrong or right it is. I need to raise a certain amount of money. $2,000+. I need to motivate people to join me no matter how little and help, how much really doesn’t matter.  Whatever motivates people works for me. I figured if I spoke to about 200 people (more or less) and convinced them to donate $10 or more, then my fundraising would be fruitful. This means I need to run into 200 friends, strangers, family, and the rest, to get to my goal. Plus, I will get to meet 200 people.

NYRR offers free health and fitness programs to children across the nation. By teaching goal-setting, perseverance, determination and teamwork, NYRR youth programs are getting kids on track toward a healthy and successful life. I am excited about running for Team for Kids and I am sure you can imagine my fundraising efforts will do to help the kids being served through these programs. They learn the love of running and exercise and self-worth. All of these things are important for you to learn as you become an adult.

My fundraising page is here:

So here goes…help me out if you feel moved to do so, and pass this link on since it will help me to attain my goal quickly and I can get back to training.


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