It’s Coming – World Run Day!

Today I’m motivated again. I’ve got mail!

A package arrived today. My brain was so fried from the heat and humidity that it never registered what it was until I opened the package and found this.  It’s coming. November 6, 2016 is (was National Run Day) World Run Day!

IMG_6461 c

Sometimes you need that jolt to realize that time has passed. It’s that time of year again. World Run Day will come again and I will be running a race. Most of the time it would be a marathon, but I will chose the distance to run this year.

It is kind of like a virtual race with your own self pacing and fundraising (this is optional but a good idea) added to it.

I love the fact that No matter where I am, I can run and be a part of something big.

Somehow this gives me that yearly goal that I need to run for fun and train hard. I’ve been very lax this year and frankly apathetic. Weird. It’s an Olympic year. Somehow, I feel as if the weight of the world has squashed my enthusiasm.

A malaise has fallen over me, because of my injury as well.

The heat has taken everything else from me. Int the Northeast we are experiencing the most humid summer I have ever felt. My air conditioner is dying and things are not getting milder. It feels hotter than Mustufar! My exercise has to increase if I am going to get my fitness level back.

No more whining. More cardio, less being a mental mess.

But Fall, and cooler weather is coming soon, and so is World Run Day. Get running.



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