A Tale of Three Runs

Run Disney has done a virtual running series this year where you run a 5k and register and receive a lovely Disney medal. Now that sounds silly for most, but I love virtual races because they motivate me to keep running even when I want to just chuck it and enjoy my summer. I’ve lost my mojo! My will to run is waning.


This year I was so de-motivated. I did not want to run at all, but I knew I needed to run, mostly for my sanity and partly for my eating habit. I love to eat! I figure I must have been a very fat cat in another life as I am constantly nibbling on something. My favorite nosh is always something chocolate. I can’t get enough of it. I’m trying to quit sugar so loving chocolate is not a good thing. Is there sugar-free chocolate? I doubt it.

Back to my Disney medals!

I registered first for each race then I noted there was a series with an extra medal. I had to do it (I cannot resist medals). I have a medal problem. “Will Run For Medals!” That’s my new slogan.  I try anything to get a new medal, and now that I have upped my training difficulty, I feel I’m beginning to earn my keep.

Disney had three virtual 5ks. The first one was runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – Yellow Shoes, which should be complete by May 15 – June 1, 2016. The second race was runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – Red Pants, which should be completed by June 5 – June 18, 2016. The third race was runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – White Glove, which should be completed by June 19 – June 30, 2016. THose are the three races, but if you register for the entire series you get 3 medals + 1 bonus medal (gotta love Disney), and a tumbler. though proof of completion was not required, I still noted my every run. It was a fun series.

I ran my first race in Mexico City. It was very hilly, cool and congested with people walking and running.  My runs around the hotel were short, but I managed to finish my distance in a nearby green space. It seemed as if people were just running anywhere they could. there were many people and hills to overcome.

I enjoyed running in the morning, while most people were going to work. Then I could relax for a few hours, while it got very busy outside.

My second and third runs were in my favorite place, Prospect Park. Love the park for the varied running routes and the quiet you get when you run> Every run was uneventful, yet somewhat difficult as the weather got warmer and more humid. I did these runs two weeks apart just to get them out of the way.

I do have to thank these runs for keeping me fit and healthy this summer. Do to my Spring running habits, my runs were not very long and a 5k though short was still 3 miles. Each time I ran less than 3 miles I went out again and ran so I could complete the distance. After completing them, I realized that I could start my training so it acted as a build my base run.

Not bad for a de-motivated runner.

When my medals showed up today, I  felt as if it was all worth it. And even better, I’m going running tomorrow, if my feet hold up (a story for another day).

Go register for a race!

Go for a run, or walk! Just go! But don’t do it while playing Pokemon Go! Really!


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