So,Two at Once – the Disney / NYC choice

rabit_tongue_images (1)This year,  I am not sure if my running dreams will come true. Every year, my family and I get to make a choice of a few races. Some of them are Run Disney races so I can visit the happiest place on earth. Other races that we run are local, so we can choose to a marathon, half marathon,  or 10K of our choice to offset the travel. Running can be expensive if you travel a lot to do it.  This has led me to concoct a comfortable training schedule with a good deal of easy runs.

Sometimes we do a half Marathon at Disney in September, which is enough time to train to feel confident in running 13 miles. Earlier half marathons were never successful or comfortable for me. I need a slow start and a big buildup at the end to run well and to my satisfaction.

This year I had planned to do a Marathon in the Fall (NYC) and a half marathon a week later (Disney). But fate sometimes changes all of your plans, or the race directors do it.

This year no! I hate change.

And no, I will not go lightly with these changes. It’s bothered me enough that I had to write about it months after.

It is getting to be very difficult to run any significant race.

Are there too many runners? Do races need to be held on multiple days?

First, I did not get into the lottery of the TCS NYC Marathon. Doh! Not a surprise, but annoying as my husband got in. I usually run with him (more or less).  We are so into being in the same races, but we always have a great time both before and after each venue. No matter, because…

Second, we have out annual Run Disney pilgrimage to the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Well, the Wine & Dine is now on the same day as the NYC Marathon. Why? Because they added a 10 K to the mix, which means that they had to change the day and time of the half marathon. I loved the fact that it was an evening race. mornings in Florida can be very warm, which is bad for me coming from the North. There have been times when I was downright sweaty at 7am in Florida. Which is probably about the time it will take me to finish. I hope it will be a cool day so I can feel good after the race.

At first, I was going to skip Disney and do the NYC Marathon, but running for a charity is cost prohibitive. I love the charity aspect but I cannot afford the pricing. I still have nightmares from the last time I tried to run for a charity. I was not nearly as successful as I wanted to be. I’m not going to do that again unless I can afford to donate the full amount.

This all makes me very sad, when I couple this with the fact that Run Disney races are becoming more difficult to book.

I almost did not get into the Wine & Dine because the booking line was so long and the Internet connection was so slow. But finally, we made it in. Whoo Hoo!

Now, I will have to deal with the decision to leave NYC during the marathon week, which is something I have never done before. <whimper>

Like they say in every team sport there is always next year, but with how the races look now…will there be a future.

Too many people, not enough races.


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