Global Running Day!

June 1st is Global Running Day!


This Year it looks like National Running day is now Global Running day. This reflects how many people actually run nowadays. Before there were only a few diehard runners who challenged themselves and others.  During the last 3 years it has exploded into something almost ever other person does on varying levels.

How has it gotten bigger?

This day went from National Running Day to Global Running Day. There used to be only a few global references for running. Now practically every website does international races. According to the Washington Post, it is becoming “the most popular form of exercise.” It is inexpensive if you take it at it’s most basic form. Or you can buy all of the goodies and toys (foam rollers, therapeutic sticks, special laces, cute running clothing and top of the line runner tracking gear and software) and make it a social hobby. Most people do not go all in right away, but they get there gradually.

What do I see happening?

–more people in the Parks at 6am year round

–more people in the Parks at 8pm year round

–races are growing in size

–races are more difficult to get into

–more runners in my area than before, of varying ages

But again, I digress.

Global Running day was a fabulous day, a runner’s dream, if I might say so myself. At the usual spot at Grand Army Plaza, the NYRR was giving out water and buffs (good swag) to all passing runners (walkers, cyclist, etc.). In other Parks in the City, there were many events happening at the same time like that one, which were centered around running, fitness and track and field events(and good swag).

All this activity made my day special. I love to run anyway.

Despite the high humidity (I looked like an electrified wet muppet), my run was quite pleasant.

This made my morning coffee all the more pleasant. Let the running season begin! Goodbye winter! Hello Spring running.

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