Looking Back, Going Forward

As I looked back on the very start of this venture, my blog. I had just suffered a few psychic and superficial blows by the had of people I used to work with and respect. I realized that there people neither respected or wanted to deal with me in the future, therefore I needed to create my own future. Hence where I stand now. I am transitioning again into a new role. But I will not forget from whence I came. It is harder than I thought, but it may be worth every pain and harsh experience to get there.

Anything worth in life, is worth doing well. It is something I heard over and over again.

Thought I was speaking about my life in the tech field, this also applies to my fitness and running lifestyle.

This year is the year to get the results I need, maybe not right now, but by the Fall things will have changed for the better.

My many races will come and go, but the training starts now.

funny marathon saying
from, Marathon Quotes, http://quotesgram.com/marathon-quotes/

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