Passion! – New Year, New Plans

Listening to some mellow music on my phone, I feel strangely motivated to get my act together and get out and train. Funny, it’s not Spring yet. But train I must.

This is the time for all Summer, Fall and next Winter marathoners to make their plans and start their programs. I must make mine too.

Last year, was a mentally tough year for me, I’m not sure I remember why and I’m not sure I want to remember. So how I feel older and not much wiser. Experience has been a great teacher for me, but I love the challenge of training for a race.

I am contemplating my races for this year and trying not to break the budget. I have a strict budget of $300.oo* (for races, but just one marathon or Disney race will blow the budget. I need some free races (basically called a workout).

As somber as I am this year, after my disappointing previous year, I feel hopeful.

So now I start again. (Ok, you’ve heard that before , but you can always re-start).

My trainer and I start as if we never ended. There were crunches, squats and plenty of rowing.

My gym suffered a huge blow after Halloween, when my Halloween decorations were stored there. We were so happy that we created and made the decor that we did not think of how to store it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my gym space back from some of the boxes. It’s all a matter of timing.

So let’s get to it!

Here are the steps I’m taking this year to get back on track:

Running – 4 days a week

Change of diet to my 17 day diet (cycle 2)

meditation – daily 5 – 15 minutes two times a day as time permits

Reading, study, mental exercise (daily for 2 hours or more)

Yoga – once a week

Strength training – 2 -3 times a week

This should strengthen the Mind body and Spirit connections with my body and make my training both interesting and integral to my life. We’ll see how it all works together.

For now, off to run!

Marathon Specificity: How to Kick-Start Your Training, by Jason Fitzgerald | For,


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