New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 – Race Re-cap

Well, Global warming is off…it got colder. I went out earlier in the day and it was in the 50’s(F). Luckily, I checked before I got dressed, I know it would be about 41F or so. It was cold, but not freezing. This meant that the race was comfortable weather-wise and somewhat uncomfortable clothing-wise. Plus, I carried my husband’s t-shirt inside my jacket. I wore mine.

Oddly enough we got there by 10:35, which was actually late by the informal race standards. It seems as if the runners were early then went off to  check out other things before the race. We stood around and waited. Just before the race started at about 11pm the bulk of runner’s arrived. Many of us were festive and flashy with flashing lights. At first I felt weird, but I like flashing lights. You can see me for miles.

The race started suddenly, and I had to start my timer on the run. My phone hated this,  but it tracked the run (more on that later). I ran like my hair was on fire down the hill. Knew this would be the only time I could do this because it was an out and back course. A little over 3 miles when all was said and done, but none the less, a great run for New Years!

I believe the slowness of my run paid off. As I reached the turnaround and my husband decided to join me on my way back, (he ran ahead during the start, but sis not get too far ahead because we went downhill. He is not as adept at running downhill as I am). We kept running until we started to get near the hill. Then we had a climb back, which we both took very slow. Extremely slow, so slow that some 5 year old child started running up the hill with us…not upsetting,  she had no idea of exactly what we  were doing.

Then we saw the finish as we neared the turn to the second part of the hill. We ran for it as the fireworks went off! Success! We were done.

Along with our running brethren, we ran into the New Year.

I’m ready to do it again next Year! Thanks Brooklyn Road Runners for the great race!

New Year’s resolution:

I want to run and be very fit. I want to be able to be my 20 year old self (or at least pretend). I want to eat well, but lose all of my fat. My health will be key for the year.




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