Last Race of the Year – Pre-Race 2015

I’m excitedly awaiting my annual New Year’s eve run. I have been running with or without a race for the last 10 to 15 years give or take a year to run in my New Year, so I could count on my year being filled with running.

This year I am running in Prospect Park and celebrating my new year in Brooklyn.

In this race you start before midnight and end either at or after midnight watching the fireworks! The fire works are at Grand Army Plaza at Midnight! Love this race. It has grown from 20 people to over 500. It may be more this year and I hope it does grow. I love running in Brooklyn. the Midnight Run, in Manhattan is very large (5,000+) the last time I did it.

What more can you do! It’s better than partying with 5,000 drunk people. NYC is a time bomb when you are in a crowd.

I’ll be careful regardless of the people around me. I know my runner are good people, but just one drunk bystander can ruin a great night.

Yay! I love Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn, all of you other Grand Army Plaza’s are posers!) LOL! I had to say it! I know there are many around. Brooklyn, NY’s is a meeting place  for many of us on New Year’s Eve.

Some years have been better than others. This year was particularly hard, but on the positive side, I had only a few injuries. I am beginning to know my current state of my body and I am accepting that I need twice the effort to get the same result. Welcome to running over 50. Ugh!

I still feel 20 in my mind, but daily my body has reminded me that I’m not.

Who cares. I ignore the persnicketiness of old age. I feel if you can keep moving your body will just obey after a while.

I figure it is mind over matter. When I get something in my mind it does not matter… <grin>.

On the news they showed a woman who had arthritis but with exercise she started weight training again after many years of inactivity (see below).

Next I remembered the 92 year old Marathon runner, who completed a marathon this year. Not to mention, there was an 82 and 86 years young runners in my last race. Sadly, I think they beat me to the finish, as I started from the back. (Can it get any uglier! I’m still mad at Run Disney for that!) OK, so I’m not that old but I feel that way and I want to become that person running my race in my old age and enjoying it.

With all of this older than me motivation, I decided that I’m going to re-vitalize my running and get my “Mojo” back. I can do it! I can run races near and far!

So what’s the plan? Well just simply get off the couch. Start again. I hate starting over but sometimes you have to. It may be very painful to relive and redo everything you have learned in your running but when you have a goal, you only get there by doing something.

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