Missed My Race. But It’s Not Over Yet!

Just reminiscing on 2014. I missed my Marathon this year too, but I did not cancel. I’m thinking I may be done with full marathons unless the marathon bug bites me again.
Funny thing, Disney this year was drama also. Some things don’t change year to year. But one thing stays the same…I run.

The Way I Run My Life

running feetSadly I had to cancel my TCS NYC marathon entry. Sunday, I was anxiously watching the professional women run past mile 17 and feeling lost. It must feel great (but cold) to be out there. I know I would be freezing waiting for the start, as I was in Wave 3. I was disheartened to find out that they only showed Wave 1 & 2 starts. So to me, this means that I would never be shown like my husband was a few years back. He was in Wave 2 in the front. In classic form, he shrank back from the cameras when they did the start. I’m not sure why he did that but we saw him as he started his run.

Show all of the Wave of runners #tcsnycmarathon! We paid an entry fee!

That was a great race for me as I got to see him run…

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