Race Recap – Weird Things Happen!

I am still recovering from the Wine & Dine (sorta) Half Marathon.

Well, I finished my races for the year. Some of them went off without a hitch (actually, there was drama all year). I have made so many rocky mistakes that I feel like a beginner.

Let’s get right to the story of the 2015 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. As usual I arrived at Disney to have fun and finish my racing season with a Run Disney race.  I should have know that my race was going to be different. Murphy’s Law prevailed.

For the Disney part it rocked. I had the best Disney time. Thank you Magic Kingdom.

We hit the luau at the Polynesian Village on the first night. We had 2 character breakfasts so I have many great photos with them. I ate amazing crepes and had as much coffee as I could drink.

Then we went to the Health & Fitness Expo and everything changed.

First, I found out that they never received my proof of time ant therefore put me in the last corral. There is nothing wrong with that normal, except that I was going to run instead of walk. My strategy called for a fast start for as long as I could stand it. I planned to go out fast, which I could not do now that I was in the back. There were many walkers in the way as this was a walker friendly race.

The walkers win! By the time I was near the end of the race where the path narrowed, I had to walk till I could move ahead of them , by slipping into an empty space.

Well, Welcome to corral L!

I was sad, but I resigned myself to a new strategy. Then race day came. Last year we ran in icy rain. This year we had a heat advisory and a serious delay due to lightning strikes.  We were evacuated for about an hour and the course was shortened to 6.25-ish miles.

When the race went off, I was finally able to get in a good space, but I was still slower than paint drying due to the delay and my muscles cramping during the delay. Too many things not enough good luck on my part.

We made it and I got my medal. Moving on!

Better luck next year and as I say. “Live to run another day!”




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