Stepping up! Know your limits


This week was the first real week of training at a high level for me. After all, I am still trying to rid myself of my achilles issues. I am winning, but it will be a long  journey to get well.

But I digress…

My goal  got the next two weeks: build endurance, start speed endurance, and strength train. That’s enough for two weeks!

My Mantra: Know your limits! Do not re-injure myself, and do not over fatigue myself.

I will build myself up this week and get into the groove It’s mid-August! I should be strong and  running well. Instead I’m still building  endurance and trying to manage pain. The weather has not helped. It has been steamy every morning, but I noticed that the evenings seems to get nicer. I may have to do a few night runs next week (I need to talk some friends into coming with me). I hate to run alone in the evening. Right now, it’s 8pm and it’s dark outside. Fall is coming.

Hey, this year has been a seriously troubling year (shootings, death, destruction). Sometimes it is great other times the crazies are out and ruling the streets.  They (crazies) are everywhere! That is one great thing about the winter. People do not like to be outside a lot until it warms up.

Training in the gym has been a great solution. I am noticing that there are so many people in the gym at all times of the day. It looks like there. As I do the various exercise machines in my gym, Planet Fitness (hey, they are affordable). I realize that my lazy times are over. I need to prepare myself for my upcoming sessions with my trainer, the (fierce and ferocious) former special forces member, who looks like he could break a brick wall at all times, I try to keep in mind that this is the time of year that I really need to make a difference in my fitness. And so I train.

Less than 12 weeks to go and I’m still working on it.


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