99th Time is the Charm

I feel like I’m writing in “Bridget Jones Diary,”

Weight = too much.

Running units = 1039 (according to my Nike+).

Attitude = needs adjustment! Another day!

Another training session! Positivity is the key.

I feel as if I have been going down an injury spiral, but it’s just that I’m impatient. When you are injured you have to cheer yourself up frequently. Rule number 1, don’t use food as entertainment! Rule number 2, don’t use alcohol or fizzy drinks as entertainment! Rule number 3, Keep moving to be happy! I did not take my own advice and now I have to pay for it. [full disclosure!]

Guilt units = 1000.

My Achilles issues are continuing but getting better. I went to my Sports Medicine Dr finally, he said it was fixable. Physical therapy, splints and eccentric strengthening exercises.

As I run through the Park singing the songs on my phone, I cannot stop thinking of how it will be when I run my race in November. I realize it is a long race, hard race and I need to step up my training again, however I’m still injured. So, with that in mind, I decided to give myself some physical therapy today. That’s right I’m continuing my wellness plan.

Here is what I have done so far:

Stretches – there are quite a few such as Calf stretches, Toe stretch, Stair stretch or eccentric leg/feet stretch. See below links for more stretches.

Strength Training – strong muscles can handle more intense exercise. I am doing squats, jumps, core exercises and using some free weights to push the limit.

Pain relievers – Advil/Motrin (Ibuprofen),  Achilles wrap, and  anti-pain creams and salon pas patches that you can apply as well.

Eastern or Alternative Medical Treatments

Energy healing – Reiki, & NPMD

Lastly, I started training again, despite my ankles. Cheering myself on as I always do, is the best way to heal. And so, I run on!

feet2 copy

Repeating my References that I feel are great for this issue.

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