Weighing in on the Apple Watch

I am Apple obsessed. I used to not like Apple products back when they were not as well used and had only a few programs that they could be used for. I was always using and building my own computer products and gadgets, but no longer feel the need to do that. I have Apple to thank for a great phone that I like and I use many of the features (including Siri). It’s not that other products do not have their merits, it’s just my preference.

I’m not a photography buff or an artist, so I’m doing well with what I have. But like some of us Apple people, the Watch intrigued me. I needed to see it before I bought it, so mine arrived in late May.

It was worth the wait.

I wanted to get the watch to compare the fitness features with my other devices. I’ve always needed a watch that had fitness features.

I believe we have a winner. It works with my Nike+ app (they say you need the phone), but I  use the phone anyway for now. The next version of the watch will probably be a stand alone device (are you listening Apple). People like me do not care about screen size. I just want a little info and I do not want to take my phone out. There are so many people walking and staring at their phone. Looking at you watch is more natural. All I do is turn my wrist over and the watch wakes up and shows me whatever alert or the time. Imagine that, it’s a watch.

Mickey face watch

There is a learning curve, as with all devices, but it is so simple a 5 year old can use it. People were saying that you had to adapt to the watch and change your way of thinking about Apple products. This is not really true. I have not to adjust much at all. The only thing that bothers me is Navigation and battery life.

Navigation is simple once you do it just once. You just need to know where everything is and that there are many ways to arrive at the same place on the Watch. It is just a matter of realizing that everything can be swiped and manipulated by the way you touch the watch. The most difficult thing was finding and customizing the watch face, as holding or pressing is not a gesture you use on the phone. But the phone has gone through a modification with the added apps for the watch.

For one thing, the health app finally works properly on the phone. All the features seem to register easily. However it seems not to measure sleep (I got a great sleep device anyway). The sleep function will probably show up soon as most devices like this one does track sleep.

It has its own running app and an activity app, both of these are great for someone who needs to get fit and lose a few pounds. The Sport version is supposed to be more sturdy, but it seems to hold up to my rough handling. I’m brutal on watches, which is why the last 4 died on me.

Getting this device wet…the jury is still out. Just get the Apple care package. So far so good is my general attitude toward this new Apple device. I’m hoping to keep this watch for a couple of years until I have to trade it in for a more functional one (you are predictable Apple).  Happy running!


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