Summer Running

This year’s training is a real pain. I’m not usually a morning person, however I love to train in the cool of the morning. The earlier it is, the better is works out. However, this means I have to beat the clock and somehow wake up early. (Argh!) Needless to say, I have issues. I cannot sleep early enough to feel very rested and then getting up is painful.

Taking drugs is not an option.

Running in the heat of day is painful as well. Actually, it is  more painful than getting up early. I guess, I’m becoming a wimp in my old age.My morning run can be very warm, if I run after 8am. Even night runs can be very warm and humid, but the lack of sun is refreshing. Lately, the humidity has been low, but I feel the heat and humidity rising every day. The shade is my friend. On boiling hot days I use the trails to keep cool and I keep the run short, so I do not get heat stroke (it has happened).

So I let my alarm wake me up and I struggle to get out of the bed. I feed the kitty (yay!), Then, I put my running clothes on and hit the road. It has become a science as I steadily find my running clothes. There are few things that I need before going out to run. I need my Sunglasses.  I must use sunblock to keep my skin moisturizer and not damaged by the sun. I must make sure that I am not overdressed or I will get heat rash. I must put my hair up so I can stay cool. Lastly, I need a bottle of water so I can stay hydrated in between water fountains.  Everyone has their list of must haves.


Good thing, I am a patient woman. I cannot wait till my running schedule become a solid habit. I am at the beginning of my training regime. For now, I look toward next week’s training.



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