National Running Day Was Great

I had the weirdest National Running Day yesterday as I woke up early to get in a run. It took hours for me to get inspired enough to go out and run. I ran about 11am. There was no real fanfare for the morning runners as there was last year in Prospect Park. No bandanas, t-shirts or caps near me, but this time Manhattan runners got the swag. No problem, as I guess they should do Central Park too. There was a happy hour sponsored by the Crown Heights Running Club, but I decided to just run and get an early start today instead.


This is part of the consistency program I am doing. Getting out when I can.

About a year ago I was out and about running my face off, but so far I have been just going through the motions and lightly running. This day usually kickstarts my runs. I have so much running and gym time to catch up with, as I will be doing a 20 week training plan. I will just get it rolling this week. I do not want to be caught with my distance too short like last year.

My focus is just getting out there no matter how late. I need to blow up the excuses. I have been sleeping earlier but my sleep patterns have been erratic. )More on my sleep patterns later when I review my sleep tracking device.) Hence my late start on National Running Day. I ran anyway. The cobwebs made it a very short run, but it was a quality run.

I went out to mu normal place in the park and ran lightly toward the hill. I realized that I would be doing my slow run for a few months until I got used to running again. Meanwhile I get a chance daily to do hills, sprints and drills until I start my real training in July. As far as I’m concerned, I need to do 2 – 3 miles on the short end until my strength is back. We will see how it works.

Last year was great but this year can be better. I totally got inspiration from the 92 year old who ran the marathon. for now it will be about gaining strength and going the distance. Most of this will be mental. My muscles remember. It’s not too late to train.

Ans do I run again tomorrow.



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