Runners, Races and Chance Meetings

Normally, I don’t get to meet many runners. Sometimes, as I wait in line a race or I just happen to bump into a friendly runner or an old friend, I get to meet the most amazing people. And with the age of social media, I get to speak to them on social media. Conversely, I sometimes meet people on social media and I get a chance to meet them. This week I got to meet Christie,  from I Heart Running. She is a fantastic runner and an even more fantastic person. She is smart, friendly, vegan runner, who plans to do 50 marathon in 50 states. What a fantastic goal. Her blog can be visited here (

I tend to be very solitary and with good reason. Running can be a very competitive sport (that is an understatement). When you race in New York City, sometimes it tends to feel daunting due to many competitive runners at every level. Why is that? I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because running is so very goal oriented that every time you run you are in fact competing. Or is it that as you go through each phase of your running career there are many things to overcome to get better.  It really doesn’t matter why because in the long run you tend to compete with yourself more than others. The ever important PR (Personal Record), has been chased by all race by race as we run to meet our personal challenges.

Though we runners compete on many different levels, as a community we empathize with each other in our struggles and triumphs. Run on people.


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