Starting Over Yet Again

The ongoing fight with my weight continues as I age out of my Masters category. I have gained 30 lbs and I now have a little weight around my middle. what a disappointment. I am totally depressed about it but I am hopeful. Adversity (so to speak), is my usual state of affairs. I now have to redo my plan of attack to see if I can mentally coax myself to get back into my routine. Suddenly, heavy training does not look so favorable, but it must happen by July. I may need my trainer for awhile to keep me in line. Let me see what can happen with my life to make it happen. So far, work has been very slow and things are going very slowly.

Needless to say, I will be increasing my consumption of vegetables and fruit. Just like the salad below, the raw vegetables plate will be the staple of my quest for yummy food.  Some how I need to convince myself that I want to eat like this always. This is going to be difficult. But I move on th gadgets and how to measure my success.

IMG_4430 copy crop1

Well, there was much news today for me.  The Apple watch is now available for purchase. I still have to pick out which one I want. I have a feeling I want a midrange one with durability in the glass. I wish the price point was better, but hat is Apple for you. We will see if I get my watch. I do need a new one to train with as my Garmin died an untimely death. Currently I am using my Wiithings Pulse O2. It is fabulous but I need an all around device. I want to track my waking and sleeping patterns, as well as my health variables. So far, everything is still manual, but if the hype is true,  the Apple watch will be mostly automatic.

On Another note, I am using the Sense by Hello (, a sleep tracking device.  This device helps you to track your sleep patterns and has integrated data from the National Sleep foundation. Everyday the device asks you questions about your sleep. It has an easy setup and you just sleep to use it no manual settings to do.  It is working well so far, but it has only been a week. So the test goes on.

With all of this data comes many different theories on how to improve my running. As I continue to explore the many reasons that I am not getting the results that I need, I will continue to train mornings and evenings. After all, as my old coach used to say consistency is 1/2 the battle. I’m still fighting to get there.





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