Running Again!

Whoa Nelly!

Is it me or is this winter never ending? One day I am wearing my capris tights outside running like it is spring and the next day it’s freezing. I’m still cold and I’m dressed in my street clothes I know I will regret saying this in a couple of months but for now I’m must disgusted.

I’m getting back into my running again and as usual I’m slow. But I never fear. I will persevere and go to the gym and my life will get better. It always does. I need to step it up again, cold or no cold. I have been a wimp all winter and now it shows, but I still feel good.  I have begun.


I was informed by my friends that the above birds are geese. They have taken over the Park’s Lake and are feeding furiously, during my slightly rainy run. That’s right I actually ran in the rain because it was very mild rain. It feels great to be outside again with the trees and the beautiful scenery.

Now, it’s time to plan how I am going to get my new running shoes, which running shorts to use, how much weight to lose and see which training programs I am to use for my marathon training. There are so many choices or I can just let it all hang out as some of my friends do. But I want to plan. So many plans so little time.

April will be run for fun, May will be getting a routine together and starting to train. June will be building a base. July through October is hard training. November is the last hurrah and the races. Then I’ll be right back to winding down after New Year’s. It’s all one big cycle.

Right now, I drag myself up early and get myself out to sniff the spring air and I will run.



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