Rumble With Nature

Sometimes things do not turn out as expected. I am having a very difficult winter. It has been unusually cold and icy this year. I have not been able to even stick my head outdoor as I am afraid of getting frostbite. As I see the brave runners going out in the ice and snow, I remember a time when I was that brave. I was in my 20’s and nothing stopped me from training, not even ice. I used to have these shoe adapters (you strap them around your running shoes) called ice joggers that I used to run on the snow and ice. I still have them but I have not used them since I moved from downtown.

I used to have to run on the street and over the Brooklyn bridge to Manhattan. Nowadays, it’s a hot mess to use the Brooklyn bridge. I believe some people may use the Manhattan bridge. That bridge to me seems downright dangerous to run over. I decided to  embrace the Park and areas around it. I will be trying my hand at running through the streets especially in the early mornings.


I used to go to the gym after a run, but it has been too cold for me to get there. I’m not even sure that I have a gym. My trainer is probably not going to recognize me.

Where is spring?

I want to plan my garden. I want to buy new running shoes and use my spring running things. I go through my fat phase every year, but in the spring it is gone in a few weeks. I get to ride my bike (I need to buy a commuter bike first) and become very fit.  I love to wake up at 6am and see the sun coming up and get myself on the road. I love to register for races (sorry people but it’s too cold to race). I missed on a week or so ago, regrettable because it was in the single digits. Many of the races that day were mad into fun runs due to the low temperatures. I decided to stay warm.

When will it be over 40 degrees?

As I wait for it to warm up I started my diet and exercise program, but it is slow going. Slow starts are fine. It made my summer exciting. Soon I will be complaining about the heat (I hope).  For now I am frozen. When will this winter end? Yes, I know everyone says that but I mean it this time!  I’m so over it!





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