As I Watched the Red Carpet

As I watched the Red Carpet at the Oscars from my bedroom, I continue my planning for this year. I thought about my mental challenges and my physical challenges, but I have yet to consider my fuel (food). I’m always on a diet ,but I have been horrible this winter. It has been too cold for me to just eat light.

My old running coach always avoided doing diet plans, it seemed as if everyone was able to keep their diet stable except me. I did such a great job for the last 3 years, but I’m getting to a place where I’m not in control. I’m getting Fat again. Good thing I’m going to be running a lot. That will help, but it will not be everything. I will need to do something about my diet.

The problem is everyone I know, focuses on food but never seems to gain any weight. It is daunting to try to live among the fortunate. Runners who never gain weight. I cannot do much in the winter but I am still fighting the cold to exercise.



I cannot eat this type of food all the time, but I’m going to eat part of this cupcake with a chocolate. It is very wonderful chocolate cake (probably made with butter), with creamy fattening icing. I don’t like the icing. So I have a fighting chance. I love things like this but I can never eat them and stay thin. I am doomed to a boring diet with no good tasting food in order to be thin and healthy. I was thinking about doing a modified version of this diet (the Hippocrates Institute – The Maker’s Diet), but it is a strict raw vegan diet. From past experiences with being vegan, I need meat in my diet for medical reasons. In addition to that, now I am highly allergic to soy products.  Therefore a vegan diet does not feel right. But with that said, I do want to eat healthier and become more alkaline in my food choices. This deserves further study.

Thus my dilemma ensues.

In total, I have made over my diet 20 times in the last 5 years. Some of the makeovers do work and some do not. The ones that seem to work are the ones that keep me happy and eating easily obtainable  good foods. Queue the “Whole Foods” promo. I go there daily for lunch, but I end up eating the more fattier foods (or at least they seem that way). They have great food. But lately it’s been very cheesy, gooey, heavy sauce. I know the food is cooked for the general public who does not have my food issues, but I am hopeful that I will arrive at the proper choice.

So I digress, back to the 17 Day Diet. This is the diet that let me lose all of my weight so far (150 lbs). This time I only need about 45 lbs. How do I start.

Wish me luck.



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