Splash! I’m in.

I took the plunge a few days ago and decided to claim my entry for the TCS NYC Marathon for 2015. After sitting up here in the frozen tundra and not running or even moving. I’m thinking of getting some space warmers so I can get back to my running shape.

As I trudged through the snow, I realized that running in it was not going to happen. We have quite a bit of snow on the ground and it was sunny and still snowing (how does that happen). Yes, it is winter, but this still does not explain the amount of snow we have. I do not live in Alaska or Edmonton, or the arctic Circle, which probably has less snow due to global warming (that’s what I hear).

Moving on to the issue at hand, I am still trying to find creative ways to exercise inside and stay both warm and engaged. I get bored easy, which is why running is great. You can run anywhere. Exercise is not as fluid because you need to stay in one place, unless you have multiple gyms.

Experimentation is the key to keeping it simple for me. Here is a simple exercise that keep my arms toned. I call them chair dips. You can sit in a chair and grab  the side of the chair with your hands. Then push your bottom off of the edge of the chair and dip downward as if you were doing a reverse push ups. The lower you go the harder they are. it helps to keep your knees safe, by almost moving them away from you chest, (almost like a plank position ).  I do about 15 reps and rest for about 30 seconds. I keep going for about 3 intervals.

The next exercise I do is a plank. Everyone knows this one, especially the Yoga doers. Plank is like doing a push up without going all the way up and keeping your body in a straight line. I do about 15 reps and rest for about 30 seconds. I keep going for about 3 intervals.

My last one is stairs.

Running stairs inside is just as good as doing it outside. My trainer used to make me do this in 2 stair intervals for 10 reps. Then I rest for 2 minutes and go again 3 times.

I keep it simple until the snow melts or we go into an ice age.

Next week we figure out how to use the treadmill without losing my mind. Too late!




  1. Congrats on getting into the race. I ran it a few years ago and am very jealous. You’ll love it.

    When I have to exercise indoors I trade time for intensity. I’d rather do 15 minutes as hard as I can and build up my sweat that way if I’m stuck inside.

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