Fixer Upper

Just like the song from the Disney movie”Frozen” says,”I’m just a bit of a fixer upper,” I feel like I need to fix up a new mental training program to get ready for my physical training. After all, You cannot race when you are in poor mental condition. I have wanted to investigate this topic for a long time, but sometimes you can get distracted by people or things.

First I thought I would do a bit of research, though I have done this before, it’s always good to read more on a topic! Hey, I’m sometimes not with the program (or at least not with my program).


Keep moving. I some times hear the song from the movie,”Santa Claus is coming to Town,” called “put one foot in front of the other”. I remember hearing it for the first time and it totally made sense. While racing or training, you will need to complete your goal

Say,”You can do it” as often as you think of it. Hey even keep saying the Nike slogan if you have to…”just do it.” Whatever works for you. No matter what you will need to come up with many different solutions to your running problems. Creative solutions can assist you during your training and your racing. Never feel that you cannot do something. Be positive.

Know thyself. This is always good advice. You will need to know yourself and your abilities. Trust in your mind and body that you can finish your training and your race.

Have a plan. You may need more than one to make sure that you can accommodate any situation at comes up during your training as well as your race. Planning ahead or visualizing your races will make your difficult times during the race bearable.

Keep calm. I say to myself while running,”calm, calm, be calm” while I’m running and I stress out for some reason. There may be many occasions when you will need to calm yourself while running. Occasionally during a particularly difficult training session, I have had to calm myself and steady my mood, as I keep my pace. This has happened many times to me during a race, so I use the training sessions to practice this.

Build your physical strength. Train daily in order to keep up your physical fitness levels. Even if you hate exercise, know that it will help you when you are racing and need to count on your body to get you through. Even the experience of feeling tired and continuing will help you during the longer races.

Never lose focus of your goal. Your goal is what matters. Keep focused on your goal in order to complete your task.

Lastly on this journey, you will need to visualize the results. Runner’s World Magazine recommends brain training and brain training exercises. If this seems too extreme, you can probably get a similar result by adding visualizations to the training runs and test races. Daily visualizations, will assist you in every phase of your race, especially the finish.  It’s something I do every time I decide I want to run a specific race and I need to run longer than usual.

Just think of what you can do if you complete your goal. Take or no race, being mentally strong cannot hurt. For more in diet information see my resources.


Runner’s World Magazine,”How to Build Mental Muscle, – New research reveals that if you really want that PR, you have to train your brain—hard, ” By Alex Hutchinson; Published September 16, 2013,

Competitor’s Magazine, 7 Traits Of Mentally Tough Runners,By JoAnn Dahlkoetter, PhD, Published Feb. 18, 2014, Updated Feb. 18, 2014 at 5:06 PM UTC,



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