Cold Breeds Cold

About a couple of weeks ago, I started writing this post, but I  had to delay this due to a very bad cold. I had tonsillitis. I am get well, but I am still very week after a couple of weeks of very sore throat.


After having such a great start to my year, it has all gone downhill. I am sick. There will be no more running for me this week. Instead I am stuck inside looking out at the icy sidewalks. The treadmill is becoming dusty as it waits for me to get strong enough to exercise. I do not miss the treadmill, but I do miss the challenge of exercise.

There is a great storm going on outside (and in), as I contemplate if I will run a Marathon this year. It is times like these that I think of why I would want to run a marathon. I just want to finish what I started. It all goes back to my weight loss in 2011/2012. Then my subsequent application and acceptance to the then ING NYC Marathon. Now I must make the decision to complete my journey or move on. My good work was completed and delayed by Hurricane Sandy. Yet, I am not sure how to proceed.

This can go either way, as I can choose to tough it out or I can just reset my goals and try again later. I do need to start a program , but this is proving to be more mentally and physically difficult than initially thought. Difficult yes, but not impossible. This is where I start. I have done so much in the past, that I am not sure I can compete with myself. That so sounds ludicrous, but it’s the truth.

So I start again with health and wellness. What can I control first? I can control my mind.

So, I’m starting with the most inactive thing I can do, mental training and meditation.  I will practice meditation for 15 minutes each day.  As well as,I can before I register for any new races, I will plan my future running program.

I have done it before but all plans need to be redone, if I am going to have a great running year.  Here we go, reluctantly.

Starting fresh.




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