Sub Zero

Today it is so cold outside here in New York City, and all I can think of is a “Frozen Tundra.” I keep hearing the song,  “Let it go”  in my head as, I try to walk up the street. Sadly, it is that time of year for me. It is treadmill running season.


Yes, I dusted off the old treadmill and swept away the many cobwebs that were happily growing in the treadmill room. I hate this season, it means that I will run for a little while and become bored very easily while running. It means that I will try to train and painfully struggle to keep going while my treadmill says that I’m slow and not running far. This is the time for running for time and not distance, since it seems the treadmill is not calibrated to me, but to my husband. It’s treadmill day!

No, I’m not happy, but I’m determined to get in my workout. My ever increasing body will not defeat me.

As I started my work out I remember that I needed to get extra cushioning to keep my knees in check. I brought out my water bottle and turned on my music. Running is still something I love. Today in the battle of treadmill vs me…I win.

I do this again tomorrow or until the Tundra melts.



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