My G-O-A-L!

In the past few days, I have decided to make a few goals to see how I can push my running and weight loss game to the next level it has been brutal with the holidays looming and the cookies flowing freely, but now they are at an end. Surprise, I gained weight. I am not fat by any means but I need to lose a good 20 lbs to feel like I am at my fighting weight and fitness level. Then there the issue of my trainer not being able to train with me, as he is very ill at this time. What’s a runner to do?


It’s how I roll (hopefully not literally). Other than making an in depth plan, I just need to state what I want first. Then, I will have something solid to shoot for. Makes sense? Yes


I want to:

have a six pack (abs not beer)

decrease my clothing size by 2 sizes

lose 20 lbs

be able to run a 9 minute mile for 13 miles comfortably (8 minute mile would be better)

run a full marathon without injury (I missed the TCS NYC Marathon, so I get to try it again)

run a 1/2 marathon without injury (WDW Wine & Dine!)

enjoy training (find an activity that will help me train)

Now that I have made a list, I get to create a plan to implement my wishes.  How do I do this normally, you may ask? I use diet & exercise!

Hey, it works!

Tomorrow, I will start my exercise phase and try to use a simple diet (17 day diet) for breakfast and lunch.  I did well on the diet before and now with my training, I cannot lose. I am digging through my archives for one of my plans. Why reinvent the wheel.

Wish me luck. My plans will come together quickly.




  1. Writing down your goals and telling others is the best way to make sure you get on it and make a good effort at it. Great to see your running goals. Have fun out there as you stretch yourself and see what you are made of.

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