Running in the New Year 2015

So what do you do when you have run in the New Year by running a 5K? You go and watch the Fireworks in the Park and then you go home and celebrate!

IMG_3695-1 crop1

I was up celebration the New Year and watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper (Hilarious – yes I know, you apologize). I cannot miss a year without seeing them, even though I missed “the Ball Drop” in Times Square. I was actually out running and I finished at Midnight! So I really ran in the New Year.

Here’s how it all started. I left my house late to go walking through the Prospect Park. I saw a few runner’s just running about and I went to the actual predetermined spot that the race director’s advertised as the start. I was surprised to see approximately 400 runners there getting their numbers, t-shirts, glow sticks and other gear together for this run. It’s becoming a great tradition!

We started on the West drive of the Park and ran South and around to the East drive where we turned around and returned to the start. As we tromped through the drive taking over the roadway, we all yelled “Happy New Year” to everyone who we encountered. After all, it’s Brooklyn, we are festive! We know how to Party in any situation! (Whether appropriate or not!) I did not realize but there was a time clock at the end of the run, (so official) therefore,  I was not only motivated by the fireworks to finish, I was motivated by my runner’s sense of competition to finish and move on to the next celebration. We crossed over the finish line and went to the North side of the Park to watch the fireworks.

We watched the fabulous Fireworks for about 25 minutes (They went for 30 I believe). They were awesome. We were so close I felt as if they were falling on me. And just when we thought they were done. They started up again and were amazing.


As the fireworks progressed we went to the East drive. Then we walked north until we saw the road parallel to us so we could cross and go home. The grand finally was delayed a few minutes, but it was worth waiting for.

On my way home I bought more salmon and turkey bacon for our breakfast. Our tradition is to have poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with either bacon or smoked salmon. But I am way ahead of myself, as we have another tradition. We have caviar or Salmon roe with creme fraiche and toast points to symbolize a prosperous new year.

Later, we will nap for a few hours, then have a great evening dinner with peas and rice.

Happy New Year! Have a great 2015!



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