Anticipation to 2015

I have been out and about in the last few days, running in the Park as per my usual. It has been unseasonable warm. Yay! Even on the day it rained it became very warm afterwards. I have loved every minute of it. But the cold returns.

No matter, I look forward to New Year’s Eve. I’m going to run in Prospect Park and then view the fireworks. It is going to be quite cold though, as the temperature dropped to the 20 degree mark (Fahrenheit).

I am planning my dinner as we speak and I will have to shop for Food on New Years Eve as I forgot the some of my groceries. I may be able to work it out , but it is going to be a stretch. With that said, I keep thinking about running in the cold and wind. It’s going to be a Gore-tex night. I’m using my old jacket and some running fleece. I need to be warm until the race starts. I may even start early so I can finish in time. It will take me about 40 minutes to finish the race at my current physical and mental fitness level (5k). I wish I was faster but it’s all for fun tonight, so I will not worry. I will just keep going no matter how slow I am.

Tonight I will eat beef teriyaki and a few light foods before I  start on the champagne (after race only). Life will be great for next year! With Prosperity in check, I enter 2015!

Time to gear up.



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