Let it go – My Running Year

I am currently wrapping up my running year and getting the last of my photos from my 2014 races. It was a very rough training and running year for me, as I had a few injuries and a major lifestyle change which threw me for a loop. I am still trying to recover from my choice to become an entrepreneur versus a corporate worker.  As always, be careful what you wish for!

My schedule changed and so did my eating habits. I ate at different times and ate different foods. My diet went out the window. The exercise and running times were cut drastically, as the hours were unpredictable. With all of these changes, I still did manage a few races and I had a great time doing them. I ran less distance at odd hours, but most of my running was at the gym. I had to force myself to run in the extreme cold or heat. Luckily, my body adapted to the heat so I could run my California races. It was warm and dry out there when the sun was out.

I have been whining for weeks about the cold again. When will I learn to live in the Northeast (I also need to learn to stop whining). It is full on winter here and I am not appreciating it. This year I have accomplished a lot. While everyone is enjoying the Winter weather up here in the Northeast, I am inside dreaming of the sun. It is a grey and rainy winter.

Here is what I have learned from my races this year:

Disneyland 10k – this race is very early in the morning and is not conducive to late night park hopping. A 10k is a great distance to run, when you have trained for a half marathon.

Disneyland Half marathon – This race is too early in the morning, but you forgive them when the sun rises and it gets warm. I never should sign up for races in the desert. Also, a half marathon is forgiving if you have great stuff to look at and many people cheering you on (I want both of these things during my training).

New York City Marathon – Do not fall down stairs before your Marathon. You will have to cancel.

Disney Wine & Dine – I run better in the evening. A half marathon in the rain is not awesome, but finishing it is! Also, stay away from knee deep puddles when doing long distance.

All of the local races (Valentines Day, Turkey trot, etc) were awesome and I really love to run.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of a new runner. I inspired a friend to train and run with me and she did great. Now, I have a new running buddy.

More to come soon. Good night.


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