Keeping Motivated, More About Lifestyle

Now my job is to keep myself motivated. I started to get my motivation back today. I cannot believe how fast my days are going. I am exercising daily and beginning to cut the junk out of my diet.

How I motivated myself. I realized that I needed to connect with my friends this Christmas season. Now as always, I have put on a few pounds but not many pounds. I put on enough pounds to annoy myself. I am technically the same clothing size but I feel puffy and bloated. I believe it is mostly diet, but it could be lack of spontaneous exercise. I am being given more rides than usual. I may save time, but I am sedentary.

Back to running.

I love running, but I hate the treadmill. Why? It is so flat and unforgiving, but the weather is so unpredictable that I have to use it. No excuse but I hate cold and icy rain. For Christmas we will be getting rain in abundance. But the planning is still on for the New Years Eve running event. So I run on my treadmill in anticipation of it.

Diet is getting weirder and weirder. I am craving some tasty but low calorie food. I may go back to some old favorites.  Chicken is my salvation (no offense to vegans but I need to eat meat). It’s not in my culture (Native American) to turn down food. We are also kind to the spirit of animals as they are our brothers who give to us so we may live. But enough preaching.

I really feel like the simpler my food choices the better they are for me. I am conscious enough to do organic foods, but I still have trouble with portion sizes. I am getting better every day, but it will be a struggle. for now. I am tweaking my lifestyle daily to fit my fitness goals. I’m going back to my fighting weight.

I found out recently that a dear friend of min has lost about 100 lbs with a surgical procedure. I only have 10 – 15 lbs to lose but I may do more by the Summer. Life is complicated, but a diet is simple. Just stop eating the brownies and cookies or bread and butter. It’s that simple (technically, if I can ever keep my mouth shut).

We will see.

There is always more to come. Let’s see if I can developing proper techniques for avoiding bad foods.




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