Getting Back Out There!

I’m so happy to get back out there and run. I always need a new challenge to shoot for. I realize that I am looking to next year’s races. I completed a year of running and that is always a good thing. I am sad though, to find out that I am not able to find a race on New Year’s Eve in Prospect Park. I would love to run close to home. One note, there are Fireworks in Prospect Park then so I may just run anyway.

Park FireworksEvery year I run the new year in, unless it’s horrible weather outside. It means that my year will be filled with running and fitness. After my run, I have my caviar and creme fresh with my champagne. It’s glorious! It will predict prosperity for my upcoming year. So far so good. I’m still here and able to afford races. (Thank G-d!)

My next year will be a slow race year so I can recover from last year. I think I will do only two major races and a few minor ones to keep fit.

My plan is simple. I am going to start my exercise slow and build back up. I kept my running going but now I will do it moderately for fun until It warms up (April). My diet will have to go into austerity mode for about 1 month. I figure January will be difficult and austere, foodwise. But that is not the complete picture. I need to do some yoga and meditation. Mind, body and spirit connection. My new program will include all of these elements. It will be a great experiment.

Stay tuned for more on this experiment. It should be and interesting trial and error saga. Tomorrow, I start the diet part. I’m eating way to much.




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