Did it – Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2014 #runDisney

imageThrough the rainy and stormy skies, late in the evening in Florida, I ran my last race of the season.

I ran the Disney World Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

Normally, this would be no big deal, as I have run it 4 years in a row. I love this night race because it usually has great weather and such a beautiful course. Not to mention a great party after it. It is all a race can be.  At the end of it you get a beer, or wine (or soda – but why would you drink a soda), a medal and a party as only Disney can.

Well Murphy’s Law struck. It poured!

Now, if you think about it, most runners love the rain. They love the warm rain that you get in the warmer climates. However, I am used to rain in the northeast, which can be cold and depressing.  It was on the cold side so I knew what was going to happen. I was going to freeze before I even started.

The weather called for light rain. Did I mention that Murphy’s Law was in play. All was well going into my start.  I got to the start early, had a few pictures with Mickey Mouse and lined up for the race.  It started raining lightly and the PA system cut out as Corrals A -E took off. Thought I was in Corral E, I decided to start with Corral F. I realized (correctly) that the people in Coral F would run at my pace, which they did for the first 6 miles.

After, falling in a deep puddle at mile 4, I started to get disgusted at the increasingly wet weather at mile 6. I do no like the rain,like the average runner. When it rains, I run indoors or skip it. I take it as a sign from God to take a breather. As the joke goes with my friends, I am like the wicked witch of the West, I melt when exposed to water.

After 10 miles, and a few more puddles,  I had had enough. I started walking more than running. My KT tape had wore off from too much water and I was shivering in the cold rain.  It looked bleak until I was distracted by the characters in the Hollywood Studios theme park. I ran through as well as I could, as I became stiff.

I started to count down the remaining miles and prepared for the end. As I finished, I sped past the characters to claim my medal. I got two.

This race qualified me for coast to coast! Though the party was rained out, I got my beer.  Then I went home to dry out.

I came. I ran. I got my stuff!




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