My Amiigo

My AmiigoAbout a few months ago, I got my new activity tracking device. I got a new Amiigo, which came from an indiegogo campaign.  My older activity tracker, Wiithings pulse O2 is still working, but I decided to try it anyway. I am always interested in new technology as I start my push for motivation to run more. I have been at a standstill on my training due to poor running shoes and lack of motivation. I will attempt to revitalize my training with some new technology.

I bought new running shoes recently (I will speak about that at another time) so I am having a great time training now.  Technology always helps my training.

I decided to go for a run and go to the gym, with my new devices. It was a fantastic run and I enjoyed the lovely fall weather. The run was easy to set up with my Wiithings pulse. The Amiigo was easy initially to set up. you download the app and slap on the bracelet. I noticed that the foot pod just slid on my laces. I felt it was not too secure as I use slim speed laces. After getting the foot pod into a good spot all was well.

As wit all activity trackers it measures calories burned, and I did not need to enter my food intake.

This device is supposed to measure walking and running automatically. For me it did not. Running with my pulse devise is automatic. It counted them all as steps. Other activities you have to train and enable each time you do them, which is not convenient since sometimes I don’t want to use my phone at the gym. It is suppose to measure exercises (strength training and other gym activities). So far, it has not panned out as I thought. I have not been able to track my activity in that way yet.

I am going to chalk that up to user error as my husband may have gotten his to partially work, but with that said. it may need to be simplified so that people like me can use it. (I’m really a techno geek)

When syncing the device it does so very slowly in comparison to my Pulse.

The one saving grace is that the Amiigo measure heart rate ever so often automatically (much harder and manually done on the Pulse). This may track your health better. Also, it tracks sleep ad quality of sleep which is key. This is manually also as is everything but walking.

For now, the jury is out on this device until the next software update. I will continue to test it.

My negative running funk has subsided for now, but I feel I can get out of it if left to my own devices (no pun intended) I can really get my passion back and my fitness level.



    1. Actually, there has been a software update with my device, but the functionality is still the same. With that said, I am no longer using my Amiigo. But I feel the device could work for someone who can program the device.

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