nycm copyI love the “beep beep Boop!” that this app uses now to generate this page. It suits my sensitivity for writing first thing in the morning. I feel productive. I was wondering if I would be productive. I guess I am.

As I sit inside watching TV instead of running like I want to do today. Just one more day before I get back into training. Tomorrow, I will wake up early and get myself together so I can continue to train. It’s September. I’m late to the party again. Why do I do this to myself! (sniff!)

I am not sure I will be doing my Marathon. I am getting the proverbial cold feet. I need serious motivation. I did run a half marathon recently but that is always different. I need some serious endurance and more speed. I think I can get the speed back, but the endurance worries me. I need the lactic acid to process in my body properly. I did a very poor job last time, but this week I am giving it a try again.

My love of running has been tested this year. How? Easy. There are so many people who do not understand why I run, or know how much I need running to feel alive.  As I get older, I keep hearing the negatives. They say, “your knees are going to give out,””you are hurting your body with all of this hard exercise and long running,” or “you cannot do what you are doing anymore because you are too old.” These are all well meaning people telling me this but they have no clue what they are saying to me.

I am not that old. and I bet the people saying this really do not like running as much as I do.  I am out of shape, but that has never stopped me before (trust me).

I feel so young on one hand because I can still run, but in reality I am just not. I do have the thrill of still feeling young after a race. I need that thrill that I had when I was first starting to run, except I really was so pumped about the sport then. Now it’s so different, because of all of the very new runners. The rules of the road mean nothing nowadays (trust me I know of what I speak).

I’m glad the sport is growing but when you have to tell people the rules of courtesy to run a race, this makes me wonder. And inevitably there are too many people still running into as you run around the corners and cutting you off during a race. Sadly, common sense really is not something people use because I believe no one was encouraged to use it (just speaking generally).

With that said, I am hoping for a revitalization in my resolve to run (no excuses) and running people’s resolve to use running common sense.

Just for once I’d love to train and run free without the weird.  hey but that is what running in the Park in  large city is all about.

Tomorrow I start again.




  1. I hope you get your motivation back, people mean good but sometimes they don’t know how to say it, however, getting old is never a reason to stop.
    I often engage friends into running, I always ask them keep your eyes open and think of them as cars, you don’t cut people, you allow faster runners to pass and if possible stay on your right, unless you are in the UK on in a track of course.

  2. It’s funny how during races people do some pretty rude things (like spit or blow their noses without shoulder checking first). I don’t get it and just try to keep an eye out for the rude people. Stick with it! I find I enjoy training far more than racing anyway.

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