I Double Dog Dared Them!

I am feeling a mixture of being cocky and in pain. I decided that  I needed to strike out and get my Disney on. Actually, I’m still under the delusion that I am training for my next Marathon in November, but I now know that I need some serious help. I was working out and keeping up with my fitness level but I had caught walking pneumonia which I realize is still with me but not as strong as it could be. I am not sick per se, but I am not completely well either. Such is the way my health can be in the Summer.

I digress.

I Dumbo’d this week. I participated in the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, which means I have a lot of bling! Adria Medals photoHere’s the challenge. You need to run a 10k and a 1/2 marathon back to back. Sounds simple enough until you see the logistics of doing two races back to back. This is not the first time that I have done this feat before so I was certain that it would be simple. I ran the Rock n Roll Brooklyn (6.2 miles) on one day and then the next day I ran Grete’s Gallup (13.1 miles).

Right now I cannot think about running in Central Park, even though I need to do it to train for long runs. I did not anticipate my training schedule with my new work schedule either. A steady schedule is your friend (but I’m going to stop whining now).

I am training for a marathon and it is coming up in a few months. I think I can still get ready because I did the half marathon without passing out. But that really means nothing when you are in recovery (trust me I am).

The races all Started in the same General areas of the park, in front of the Disneyland Hotel at 5:30am.  I ran the Disneyland 10k on the Saturday and the Disneyland half marathon on the Sunday.

The  jury is out on if this was a good idea or not.

I arrived a day before the running expo opened and I stayed in the Hilton,which is conveniently located 1 block away from the Theme parks. I love the distance from the theme park. It is both a good and a bad thing. You get quiet (except for some families who do not know how to be quiet) and more variety of eateries.  The Hilton had a food court and a couple of restaurants. There was a pool, which I considered using but I was too busy tracking down Mickey, who I found on Day 1 so the pressure was off (note to self try to find Mickey during the races and at the end of races so you can maximize your Mikey time).

I loved the start of each of the race, as it is really hyped and you gradually get to running. The races both went through the theme parks. The 10 k went through less of Anaheim and more of the California & Disneyland parks. There was a few overcast clouds in the morning for the start but most of the race was in the sun. The course war filled with Cast members and attractions that were running. the Park was all ours to take pictures and run through. The finish line was just as good Back near where we started.

All races at Disney have so many volunteers that it is fantastic to run them. Disney makes me smile!

Second day same as the first for the first part of the course.

The half marathon was fabulous. It was overcast i the beginning but had a hot finish.  It went through the Theme parks, and out to Anaheim,where we ran past 300 classic cars. I love seeing the great Mustangs and Corvettes along with mint condition Older vehicles.   After that part ends you go towards the Stadium. It’s so motivational. All I could think of is the fact that when I get to the stadium I would be nearing the end of the race (3 more miles). All I could hear was Awesome! For some reason I felt so invisible that day as I ran into the stadium but that ended as  I realized that we were all on the Jumbotron.  I was 10 feet tall and in color! Whoo Hoo! (Sorry I’m watching the Simpson’s Marathon.)

I loved running into the finish (who doesn’t) where Mini & Mickey (among other Cast Members) were but each time I was so delirious coming in to the finish line,  in the hot sun that I missed the Cast member. I even missed my banana when I cane in for the half marathon. But one thing I did not miss was the medals.

The 10K medal was Stitch. The Half marathon was a large shiny “D”, but the best part of this was the third medal. Which was Dumbo!

I’m not sure I will Double Dare again but I know I will keep running no matter what. See you next year Mickey!




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