Running with the Bulls

Bull run 1signWhile I am a wild child at heart, the one thing I have not personally done is run with the Bulls, but that is not the whole story.  This year I attended the Fiesta y Encierro de San Fermin. My tour company was SPYNS. They were awesome! They took care of everything, so the trip was the best I had ever (and that is saying something since I used to be a tour coordinator).

This was a stretch for me as I am not 20 something or in a mid-life crises, but my husband is, so I guess this was his red Ferrari. Instead we were wearing red & white while touring the course at San Fermin. I find the festival both exciting and sad. Sad for the bulls, who are magnificent creatures and exciting because I get to watch macho men and women run away from charging bulls.

It was all quite a comical sight until day 7, when some poor guy got gored by a lone bull, who lost his way on the course, because some dude smacked him in the bum. It was surreal, but it could have happened the day my husband ran.

On the day before the dangerous run, he decided that he wanted to live his dream and run. His nephew followed and the did it.  It was in a great except that the ended up with a few bruises. My husband being older and not very wise stood on the side and waited for the bulls to arrive. My nephew started running just before they came by. My nephew was the smarter of the two.  My husband got knocked over and trampled by 2 bulls and my nephew outran them. They both met up in the stadium, where my nephew was playing with the cows.

The locals call it running with the cows. It takes about 30 minutes and 6 cows, where as the entire bull run finishes in 2 minutes with 6 bulls and 6 steers. The steers are castrated bulls who run every year and they keep the bulls calm and on track. The 6 bulls never make it past their run as they are destined for the bullfight. I hope to one day recommend an exciting alternative to the current bullfight rules. I want something that benefits both the bulls and the matadors. Maybe we can call them juegodors. I wan to see the bulls retire from the ring and not pulled out by horses. I hope there will be peace for both the bulls and us.

As a result of my experiences, I realized that my dream was to take picture of the bulls but not to run with them (at least not yet). I will have to get the bullfight out of my head before I can feel elated to see them run by me, while knocking over my fellow runners just to get to their pen in the ring.

All in all the food was great! the people were nice and we had a great time, while wearing white & red. See you next year (maybe) bulls. Ole!


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