Brand New Start


I have been away for a very long time due to my extreme lifestyle changes. I was laid off from my job in the Financial Technology area last year and I have not been able to get back to it. I decided to try being an entrepreneur. With that choice cam a change in both financial and life work balance. First I had too much time. Then I had almost no time as my appointment schedule left me with no time to think. There are so many stages to get through when starting up a business. Then there is my running and training schedule.

This year I am running the TCS NYC Marathon. I was supposed to run in 2012 but Hurricane Sandy ended my quest. Now that I’m totally untrained and in a different state of mind, I get to try again. For those who are not picking up on this I am being sarcastic. I am very raw still from the experience of the cancellation. I am training again but with great difficulty. I will need to work on my muscle tone and weight and endurance before I can feel confident about this race.

As I type through this entry I am pleased to see that it is again easy to add images to my posts. I was not very pleased when they took the stock photos away. Still I have to provide photos, but it seems to be easier to get them, but I digress.

My training has been hampered by my schedule but I am not going to be one of those people who make excuses because I am busy. Training at 6:00AM will be a must as it gets hot so early in the morning. A new Planet Fitness opened up near my house, so I took it as a sign to go and join. I have been multiple times and I am getting used to a no frills gym. It was a shock at first but I like the monthly fee of $10.00USD. With this in mind I hope to be getting back on track doing what I love to do best. Run.

Stay tuned for more training notes.


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