Training with a Partner

Training with a Partner is a good thing. Gone is the loneliness of a distance runner a to be replaced with camaraderie. But both partners need to train differently if they are not on the same level. I decided to write something for my training partner so she can assess her training schedule.

My training Partner is not a runner. In fact, she is a first time marathoner. She is a world class rowing championing Taiwan. I never knew that the people in the dragon boats were not Taiwanese nationals, but were international people. Since she was a world class athlete, I decided that I could  just let her plan her program but first I will give her a few things to think about before starting her program.

Here are a few steps to start the training assessment. Here is a short suggestion for starting the training for a half marathon.

1. First take stock of your equipment:

Make sure you have running shoes (a few pairs are the right amount), running shorts, T-shirts (Jog bras if needed) and running underwear. You will need gear just for running. If thesis not practical, get multipurpose gear that can go from the gym to the running trail. Don’t be cheap. Good gear can last for years.

2. Create a plan to work out at least 3 – 4 times a week:

Make sure you are signed up with a gym or have a way to exercise in your home. Have one day when you cross train to use different muscles. You may need to work out more often if you are an older runner.  Stretching will be your friend so do it once a day.  If you are a multi sport person, you may have to train hard on one sport  and add additional running sessions. When you run a race, training by running is the most important thing.

3. Create running affirmations and positive running visualizations:

De-stress and take the fear out of running. Listening to upbeat or soothing music can help you run with less stress. Also,  positive affirmations while you run can help you to feel great about your work out.

4. Create a running plan:

It is important to know where you are with your running plan and how far you need to go to get to your goal. A marathon can take up to 6 months to train for if you have not run one before.

5. Make a food plan:

Know what you can and cannot eat. Make a plan to keep foods that you can eat around you. Eat foods from home if you need to bring in the proper foods. Make a diet plan (yes the dreaded D word). You need to have a great and fun diet but have it be healthy.  Plan for health options (keep salads ready made in the fridge). Buy vegetables raw to eat as snacks. Supplement your diet with Protein or  protein powder for after work out. Cut out the sugar intake. Keep a food journal if needed. Some people may need the regimen of recording their food. Enjoy your food.

6. Run happy:

Doing is better than saying. The more you can run in a week the better you will be during your training months. Start running and keep it going.

Hopefully her training will go smoothly. I will find out right after her Dragon boat race. Until them we will plan.


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