Day 5 & 6 – 7 Day Cleanse

What a difference a day makes, Day 5 was very eventful. I guess this is part of the cleansing. I am feeling great and I’m feeling like I need to add more to my cleanse. Tomorrow I will add the Detox tea to my regimen. I am taking things very slowly because I know my body does not like quick changes. It tends to fill in the blanks if things change too fast. For example, if I had a quick weight loss, it would just make it all come back. so I slowly change my diet and do my cleanse. On week is not too fast. After that, I figure I can clean up my diet.

For breakfast,  I had oatmeal with apple and cinnamon. Then lunch was very light with chicken noodle soup and a salad. Dinner was exciting. I had chicken tacos, corn tortilla with salsa and avocado (no queso). Life is good.

My work out was very light with me only doing squats and stationary bike. This was my light day.


Day 6 has just begun. I still feel good but I need to ingest more water. I think water is very important during a cleanse. Keeping moisturized is another thing.

Today I am going to add the Herbal Detox tea to my regimen. I need to detox and get the gunk out of my system.

Day 4_n

My breakfast this morning was one egg white, with onions. I added sriracha and balsamic vinegar. My lunch is totally not great food but it worked for me.  I had a sesame bagel with scallion cream cheese and a tomato. I’m planning a great dinner with chicken and vegetables. I hope I can keep this up.

I did a 20 minute run with 10 minutes of stretching. I hope to do an evening run and workout but we shall see how it goes.

I am still working on my plan for after the Cleanse. There is more to learn and much more to do.



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