Day 3 & Day 4 – 7 Day Cleanse

Day4_nOMG! I guess you can say I am cleansing. as I work in my store and I clean and arrange my products or perform my services, I am conscious of my system cleansing itself not in a violent way but gently and deliberately. I seem to visit the Loo ever few hours without fail. So far, I have not been woken out of a dead sleep to go but it is only Day 3. I do realize that just drinking this cleanse is all I am required to do at this time but there will be more to this cleanse by Day 4.

I am going to add more nutritional products and maybe the tea to my cleanse, but I am not sure when.

Day 4 is not as bad as I suspected. I do not have as many frequent visits to the Loo. my system has evened out to a lovely regular schedule. I feel almost light and this Arbonne product has caused no ill effects. I have many food allergies so I worry about products with whey or any soy additives. Most people worry about protein, but I am ingesting the protein from food. I insist on keeping myself off of a fasting situation.

I don’t mean to sound like an Arbonne commercial but this is the nicest cleanse I have encountered. I am even going to the gym to hand out with my trainer today. I am loving it! Back to my regularly scheduled life.

Live to run another day! That is my motto.  Stay tuned to Day 5. Hopefully it will be an uneventful.





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