Day 1 – 7 Day Cleanse

Day 1_306509813_nI am back in the saddle again.  I was away huddling down from a horrible winter and I needed to make my point this Spring. I am clearing and cleansing out my system for the new training season.  The training for this year will have to be more serious than last year as I am going to run a marathon.

Today I started my 7 day cleanse. At first I thought I would have to fast with it but then I just decided to eat properly and eat may vegetables in order to sustain my cleanse. So all day long I drank tea and had 3 healthy meals.  My three meals would have had snacks except I did not feel hungry. I am wondering about my hunger factor on this cleanse since it is new. The Cleanse I use is an Arbonne 7 day Cleanse. I really love the product as it makes me feel good like I am doing something great for my body and it is gluten free and vegan.

My entries are going to be short and sweet so I can ease back into my routine. I have such a different life now. I have become an entrepreneur with a storefront. Enchantments is a bookshop with an esoteric spin. This is totally up my alley.

My IT career may be over since I have not been able to find a new gig. It is probably my age (too old and too expensive). Most people drop their salary requests for what they want when they are looking by my salary was below par to begin with. The only thing I need is my CISSP to prove that I am legit after 20 years.  Sorry I am not into the expense and time it takes to do it. I’m done proving my self there.

The only place I will prove myself is on the road as I do my marathon. Sometimes you have to take a stand on things and today is that day for me.

So now I cleanse and train.


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