Countdown to Race Time

Though it is almost 6 months till my first major race, I am filled with anticipation when I look at my scale. It is way off (or maybe I am way off).  Either way, I am not liking the numbers I see. They are acceptable form most people but I need to be around 140 lbs in order to feel fabulous in a longer race. My first race will be the Disneyland half marathon. It will be the second time that I am running this race.

The first time I ran this race was stressful and weird as I ran up to mile 6 and realized that the race was not really going to be flat as their East coast counterparts. For some reason, I keep forgetting that the West Coast has many hills. I was not quite ready for the hills but I bravely ran them. For that run, I paid in mile 9 just before running by the stadium area. Not many miles were left after that but It still was brutal after that. I felt great because I was flying out right after the race and I would be home in my bed shortly after that. I love the red eye flight. I miss the weather though. I may regret this in the Fall.

But I digress…today I feel as if I have a long road ahead.  The horrible cold weather has stalled me even inside. It is very cold even inside. I’m not sure how I would survive in a colder climate.  This is cold enough for me.  And then there is the snow! I hate the snow! I have had enough of it, so curse the groundhogs in this area. I have seen enough snow to last 10 lifetimes. I am so tired of the snow.

I have been away from my blog for awhile because I felt as if I had nothing to say.  I could not run because it was very cold inside and outside of my house, Now that the weather has gone up to the 30s (Fahrenheit), but now that I have thawed out enough to think, I will say that I am praying for Spring! I will try to run when the steam is heating the house but that may not always be possible. I am now in search of warm.

Long live the warm weather wherever it is. Long live running season.



  1. I hate summers in Texas, but this has been the coldest winter I can ever remember. I almost wish we could at least have some snow if it’s going to be this cold! I can imagine that you’re sick of it, though.

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