Run Fat Girl Run!

No I’m not insulting anyone, least of all myself.  I was watching one of my favorite marathon movies “Run Fat Boy Run!” and I remembered why it inspired me to run. It was not a very true to life and practical experience of running a marathon (not in my experience), but I love that movie anyway. It reminds me of the year I started running marathons. I was so unprepared. I used to prepare myself for the runs by the schedule that the marathon posted on their website. Sadly, they never write about the mental training or strength training that needs to go along with the running. I guess they thought I knew about these things ahead of time. I did not!

My first Marathon experience was an alien experience for me. I had run many races but this was different somehow. I never expected it would be such a grand undertaking. I was out of my element. People had rituals, and they did this carbo-load thing. There was a place to pick up your number with hundreds of vendors and activities for runners. It seemed to be a big deal.

The running seemed endless and pointless because this was the first time I ever ran over 10 miles. I used to get bored easily because i did not have music or any distractions. I had to learn everything from picking shoes (getting larger ones), to learning how to drink water while I ran. No one ever made a fuss over any of my other shorter races.  Until recent years I did not even get more than a t-shirt for half marathons (I’m glad that changed). Now everyone gets a medal for a half marathon or 10K and more fanfare for more events. I can say that this does motivate me to keep running. Face it I want medals and t-shirts! it makes it all work the effort.

Every year it gets harder for me to train. My day goes by so fast and my motivation comes so slowly. But if I keep going, I can get myself back on the horse and love the next set of races that I want to do. Just doing 15 minutes of every type of exercise daily lets me set myself up for more. I feel great after a hard hour workout, but some times other things gets in my way. This is why I make sure I have an off season to recover from my intense training.

Back to the movie, “Run Fat Boy Run,” in that it had a pivotal moment where the little boy said to his father who was running the marathon and finished it, “Dad you won!” He did not win, but he finished against all odds. I feel like that every time I finish a marathon. I finished.

My goal for this year!  Finish! What more can I ask for…


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