Testing for tomorrow

Today was wonky. Yes, it is still morning but nothing seems to be cooperating with my workout schedule. Currently, there is an ice storm in New York.  I am stuck inside with my treadmill. So I will drink my coffee, then run on my treadmill. In order to stave off the agonizing boredom that I get when running on my treadmill, I made up a few games that I play when I start to feel bored.

Here are my “Techniques of Treadmill Running,”running game.

The stride stretch

The stride stretch is where you try to make your stride the length of the treadmill bed. There is a caution to not over stretch or overstride you will pay for that with an injury. This game will help you run those lovely long distance races with a sturdy stride. My lack of stride is one of the reasons that I work so hard during a race. Another thing to think about is if this will work with your running style.  From my experience chi runners may practice but not use this much.  Since I am trying out new styles this exercise will help me choose which one I like.

High knees

This is a variation of the high knees exercise. In this exercise you take your knees and lift them up high without falling off the treadmill. You try to incorporate this technique in a run. Again you may never really use this but it does give you balance and strength. It is easy to look silly doing this so enjoy the fun.

Kick your butt

This is the reverse of the high knees, where you take your feet and try to kick your butt, while trying to stay on the treadmill (notice the theme). This one may be easier to incorporate since it is just lifting your feet up. For my body type,  this one is easier to do on a slower speed. I have long legs. That is one factor that I did not mention. Speed is not a factor for any of these games.

The Rocky

I love using my imagination and I also need to train for m upcoming hill work. This means for this game you kick the incline on to something moderate like you were climbing stairs and  “throw your hands in the air” (and raise them like you just don’t care). Face it, I had to say that the treadmill bores me to death. In 30 minutes I just want off.

The hill climb

Same principle as the previous one except set this to a larger incline. If your treadmill does this function you can rest by doing a decline as well. I usually climb until fatigue and then slow down or decline until I’m rested. I can usually go a few times and then, I am on to the next game as long as I keep moving it’s all good.

The sprint to the end

This is how I end my workout. when I’m either too bored or too tired to continue I do one last push (or more). I will need this in my last miles of my races. I keep imagining that the finish is not too far away and I have to get to it fast. I keep saying,”I need a PR,” or “I have to get to the finish, people are waiting for me,” or if I’m really feeling great,”there is no one in front of me run!” The last one is my favorite!

There are so many more games that you can play on a treadmill but make sure that you do not injure yourself while trying to amuse yourself. Be creative and always tread responsibly.




  1. I’m in NY too…unfortunately no access to a treadmill, but I like these ideas! Hoping the ice melts before the deep freeze on Tuesday so I can get out for a run!

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