Indoor for the Winter

As I watch the healthy runners come back from the snowy Park after their runs, I just wonder when can I resume my normally scheduled life.  The one thing that I have dreaded is going indoors for the winter. I love the outdoors but the ice and other forms of precipitation makes it really difficult to deal with. But I have decided that because of the chance of catching pneumonia, I will have to do my training inside on the treadmill and bike.

My mind is willing but my body says no way. I guess sometimes you have to ease back into your workout schedule. I am thinking of doing 20 minutes of running followed by a 5 minute rest and 15 minutes of strength training. I need to do abs. A nice Ab workout will be easy and better than heavy weights. I can do low reps but many sets of them. This will bring me up to the correct total of ab crunches.

Another thing I noticed, my WordPress has lost the ability to reference other articles. What happened while I was away. I feel suddenly isolated. There are no graphics to use either. It was one of the great things about using WordPress. I guess there must be some setting changes or a new policy. I’m going to have to read up on it. But I digress.

I have thought about alternative exercises for Snow days. Snow shoveling is one of the exercises that I do. I shovel my walkway and a few neighbors as well. Next, sledding down large snowy hills can burn up many calories and it is more enjoyable than cross country skiing in my mind. Plus cross country skiing is  something I think you should do in the country. The City is too busy to make it enjoyable. It is still something you can do, especially if you are near the larger Parks and Green spaces.

I have to push myself to get into snow mode. I’m really a warm weather woman. I’m hanging tough and waiting till it rains next week to run outside. But until then…treadmill! I’m sad. I’d rather be paddle boarding.



  1. I miss the snow living in the South, but since I started running, I appreciate the warm winters a lot more. The summers on the other hand… Not my favorite.
    Good luck with the exercise.

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