New Year’s Goals

I have been away awhile during the holidays and my current bout of the plague that I seem to have contracted. I tried for the last two weeks to get my exercise in but as I always say you have to be able to breathe to run. Today, I am feeling a little better and I have regained my voice. I’m not sure I’m going to go out tomorrow. My laryngitis was so bad that it lasted 5 days. Needless to say, I have not been doing much running. I did run on New Year’s day (treadmill) because it is my superstition that if you run on that day that you will be running the whole year. Usually, I do the Midnight Run in the Park, but I was too ill to go outside.

Last year, 2013 was a light running year so this year I have to really gear up to do more. I only had two races that I participated in. I did not do any intense races or an y last-minute races. Neither race was a marathon. This year should be an insane racing year. One problem. I’m not as motivated as I was 2012. I need to get motivated. So easily said and thought about but not easy to do. This year is the year of the “do”.

I’m hoping to run one Marathon and at least two Half marathons and quite a few 5k and 10k’s. This may be one of my last Marathons unless my body really gives me the strength of a linebacker.

So, here’s my plan for New Years.

Get Well. Stay Well.

Get running again. Register for all of my races.

Train hard (after redoing my training plan)

Celebrate Next year as a light running year again.

I’m going into an intense phase but, it is more exciting than scary. I have don it before but this time I will be older and wiser. Stay Tuned!

Happy New Year!



  1. 2014 sounds very exciting. Can’t wait to read more about your training and races this year. I signed up for so many races last year that I couldn’t run, I think this year I’m going to “just” run. This may backfire when it’s 110 degrees this summer and I don’t have a goal race to get me out the door . . .

    1. Thanks. It will be exciting and a little scary, but I have done it before. Ouch on the 110 degrees. I’m thinking those are the days you will have to do the inside thing like I do now. Sounds so familiar to me. You can do it though You’ve done this too! 🙂

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