Another Snow Day

Crunch Crunch
Crunch Crunch (Photo credit: Simply Bike)


I was just checking out the Running Blogger schedule of posts and I realized that I had not post anything here, on my blog, for a while. It’s all been a mental exercise for me, as I try to keep and schedule and do Christmas. The holidays have really hit me hard this year and I am vowing to keep my mind, body, and spirit training method in tact. I know I mostly obsess about food (face it, I love food), but I do have a great theory about weight loss and food management that involve a deeper spiritual aspect.


The house decorating and lighting wars have started in full force as we put out lights in front of our house and many people followed. This happens every year, but now it’s getting out of hand. It’s beginning to look like the Osborne display of lights in Walt Disney World. When someone starts using an FM station to broadcast music with their lights, I’m moving!


Most people use yoga as their spiritual link to exercise. I use running. I can think when I run. And I tend to exercise and trance out while I do my running workout.Some times you need to clear your head and a long run or walk is just the thing to do it. Even on a cold day you can get in a few miles and work out a few issues. Snow shoveling is mostly what I use an an exercise these days. It has snowed so much lately, that I am wondering if someone shipped it in from Alaska. We have not had this much snow in years (like 5 – 10 years).


My mind training will utilize my running as well. I can usually solve my pressing issues (what color socks to wear, just kidding) during a run if I just let my body do its thing and keep running. Also, this trains me for my half marathons. There are many long and lonely days outside. I do get my best solution to my problems during the alone time of my workouts. But, I love doing it outside more inside. It has been difficult to go to the treadmill and run. I’m not as enamored as I was when I was fat, and I had to lose it NOW! It think this is when a treadmill can come in handy.


The current snowfall outside is annoying me,  so the treadmill will have to do for today. I am very leery of the treadmill because my i-Fit program no longer supports my custom trails that I used to run. I used to run Central Park and Prospect Park. I may have these trails listed on the site still, but i-Fit likes to sponsor a new trail or City daily. This is not my cup of tea, but it can be great for people who love to train and not get bored.


I-Fit Fitness, if you can hear me, please support your legacy devices and stop changing your fitness program, so I can use my treadmill with it. Currently your program just to takes in cash, and gives out nothing. It’s unusable. People just want to work out.


Tomorrow will be another day for me to run in the Park. I cannot wait until the snow removal process is complete, so I can run through the Park again. Happy Holiday Running.





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